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Sambucol® Black Elderberry and Manuka Honey Candy

The latest addition to Sambucol Range, is Sambucol Black Elderberry and Manuka Honey Candy 16s. Similarly to other Sambucol products, it uses premium Haschberg black elderberry that uses proprietary extraction methods to preserve its antioxidant properties.

While we use Sambucol Liquid and Sambucol Capsules to boost immunity and treat cold and flu symptoms, Sambucol Candy with added manuka honey’s purpose is to provide instant soothing throat relief.

This completes the Sambucol regime in which Sambucol Liquid acts as prevention, Sambucol Capsules for treatment purposes, and Sambucol Candy for natural throat soothing relief.

Sugar, glucose, black elderberry fruit powder, manuka honey (2%)

• Take 1 candy every 2-3 hours as needed
• Maximum 8 daily

Always read the label. Follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

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